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Billed Monthly

Bot building 
Chat triggers per month 
Full Chat record 
Appointment booking 
Email Notification 
OTP Validation 
Custom Domain 
Bot Optimisation 
Auto trigger bot 
Whatsapp redirection 
Email Support 
Data backup 
3 Months
30 day free trial.. Cancel any time, no annual fee commitments.
Beyond 1000 Chat triggers

Every subscription comes with 1000 chat trigger/ Month. When the subscription crosses this mark, get upto 1000 chat triggers more at a nominal $50. An invoice will be automatically generated for the same. At the end of the billing cycle all credits are rounded to zero.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel any time and download all your data. No commitment or annual plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Average website receives 10-15 chat triggers a day. That's less than 500 a month. With 1000 chat triggers, the TiCs plan is suitable for most online businesses. Do remember that the next 1000 only cost $50, in case you run extensive leads generation campaigns

We follow an NQA (No Questions Asked) Cancellation Policy. Simply send us an email and your subscription will be canceled within the next 12 hours.

You will start receiving bot leads right from day one. However, for the chatbot to optimize, it may take up to 45 days depending on the website traffic. We have seen websites getting 45% more leads within the 45days span.

We will set up the chatbot for you. All that you need to do is sit up and answer a few questions to help understand your business and the bot goals. All the technical stuff is taken care of by us at no additional monthly cost. We donít just build the bot but we will also optimize it for you constantly for improved conversion rates.

Your first month is totally free, however, the chatbot set up requires a lot of technical work to set up the bot and the dashboard, along with the chatbot conversation flow crafting and bot optimization during the first 30 days. For all of these above, there is a one-time setup fee of $100. You will be charged for the chatbot service only from the second month onwards.